About Stoney Run Canine Camp

Stoney Run Canine Camp is a 20 acre fully fenced property located in Hebron, Indiana. A newly acquired property which has been providing quality dog boarding, daycare, senior care, grooming and training services for 30+ years.

The new owners will utilize the entire 20 acres to create an environment filled with enrichment which will empower your dog. With indoor and outdoor activity areas, large grassy areas to explore and run in nature, exposure to different man-made and natural surfaces before they are tucked in for the night.

For the families looking for fun we will have Dog Sports like Agility, Nosework, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing and Flyball. We welcome you to our family and look forward to meeting you. Schedule your personal tour today! We are located at 463 South County Line Rd in Hebron, Indiana. Or call 219-996-DOGS (3647) to schedule your dog’s visit with us.


Lisa Bataska is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a Former Certified K9 Nosework Instructor and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She has taken a 200-hour Canine Massage Course through Canine Massage Chicago.  She believes in continuing her education working with dogs and strives to find compassionate approaches to help people and their dogs understand one another.

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With more than 14 years in the dog training industry, Lisa has come to understand the importance of accepting each animal as an individual. It is when this is achieved, human and canines can fully enjoy each other, much like any other relationship in life. Lisa has gained her knowledge and experience and attended seminars to further her understanding of dogs, dog training and dog behavior. Some of the speakers that have helped shape her views and training beliefs are: Suzanne Clothier, Sue Sternberg, Dr. Jean Dodds, Dr. Karen Overall, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Temple Grandin, Dana Pike, Ken Ramirez, Denise Theobald. She currently shares her life and home with her husband, Bruce, and several dogs ranging from Australian Shepherds to Papillions. She competes and has attained a number of titles in activities such as; Agility, Rally, Nosework, Obedience, Barnhunt, Frisbee, Herding, Dock Diving, Conformation, Tricks, Flyball. She allows her dogs to work in the venues that they enjoy and show preference towards. From the Nervous Nellie to Aspiring Stars, she appreciates her dogs for what each brings to the relationship. Additionally, she has contributed to helping dogs in need of homes by fostering, evaluating and training with rescue organizations such as Midwest Border Collie Rescue, Aussie Rescue Midwest, Illinois Doberman Rescue, Giant Paw Prints, Sunshine Paws, Lakeshore Paws and others. While working with dogs it also became apparent to Lisa that goals were only accomplished if the dog has the mental and physical ability to handle the task at hand. She feels it is her calling to help dogs and people connect emotionally, so together they can enjoy activities whether it is in competition or everyday life.


Kim Berryman has 30+ years of operational management experience, to include a company consisting of multiple large facilities with 500 employees and 25 acres of outdoor space. Later in Kim’s career, she was instrumental in the growth of a commercial appraisal review company and was the director of an all-breed dog and cat rescue for 3 years.

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The rescue director position afforded Kim the experience of caring for and managing all breeds while they lived at the rescue facility. Dealing with a wide variety and medical and behavioral issues is a large skill set gained from this experience. Kim has also been very involved in the rescue community for over 10 years in both IL and IN. Kim was a founding board member of a breed specific rescue and has spent years volunteering inside of local shelters. Owning and running a property devoted to the care and betterment of dogs has been a long-term dream and goal of Kim’s for over a decade. The chance to use her operational management skills in relation to caring for dogs has been a life-long dream. Kim’s hope for the property is to create a place for people to come to not only have fun with their dog but become a resource for families that need help integrating a new pet into the home. A huge aspect of her time in rescue was helping place dogs into new families. The families that succeeded almost always found a support system outside the home. A place for their pets to stay while away, a place for them to feel at home when away from their own homes, a place to spend time with their dogs building bonds and strengthening relationships. In 2007 Kim started adopting dogs and only survived the experience with the help of daycare, training and a support system in the rescue world. When she met Lisa she knew she found a trainer that could offer more than most. The Dog Sports and Beyond Obedience classes offered by Lisa are just what the rescue community and new pet families need to make sure the transition of a new pet into a home is smooth and successful long term. Kim and Sue have been involved with Hearts In Motion for several years now and are organizing a mission trip focused on neutering feral dogs in a nearby village to a property owned by Hearts In Motion (HIM). Kim has recently added Zoey to her pack. A Newfoundland she has been time-sharing with Karen the founder of Hearts In Motion. Karen spends half the year in Guatemala. Traveling back and forth each month for the past 35 years. They both agreed Zoey’s last few years should be stable and fun and on a beautiful property with lots of dogs and people to spoil her. Karen plans to visit her often at the property when she is stateside. Kim recently lost her 2 of her original pack members, Sam and Mya. Both were instrumental in developing her handling skills and love for the rescue world. Sam is known by many in the IL rescue community helping to assess many and being a foster brother to those waiting for their forever home. Kim has 2 Godchildren that grew up with her pack of mostly pit bulls over the years and is anxious to share her positive experience with the breed with others. Bailey one of Kim’s original pack will be living at the property with her along with Shay, an adopted little mix mill dog with lots of issues, inspiring her to want to bring mental rehabbing to the property. She hopes the property will become an invaluable resource to the rescue community.

Maravilla- Kujawski

Susan Maravilla- Kujawski studied pre-veterinary medicine in college and earned a BS in Science with an emphasis in Biology and Chemistry. She worked as a chemist for 11 years. While studying in school she gained both large and small animal experience in the course of working for veterinarians. The acquisition and creation of Stoney Run Canine Camp will fulfill a lifelong dream for Susan;

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whose passion for working and caring for animals has been a constant aspect of her life. Susan brings her unique combination of business skills and deep knowledge of dogs to this business. Susan has had many dogs over the course of her life but the ones that filled her home as her children were growing up were and still are English Bulldogs. They are great family pets and have been a huge part of her life for the past 25 years. After volunteering with an all-breed rescue, Susan recently adopted Dudley a Shepherd/ Rottweiler mix which turned into the catalyst bringing the 3 women together who would dream up and create Stoney Run Canine Camp. Dudley has been a 2 day a week student with Lisa in her phenomenal Day School program since he was 5 months old. Her end of day reports about Dudley would include his introduction to and learning many dog sports. Sue quickly found that nosework was something she and Dudley could enjoy together. Next the agility ring piqued her interest and it something she is very much looking forward to exploring with Dudley on the property. Sue and Kim have been involved with Hearts In Motion for several years now and are organizing a mission trip focused on neutering feral dogs in a nearby village to a property owned by Hearts In Motion (HIM). They soon will be traveling again to Guatemala to meet up with the founder who has been traveling to Guatemala for the past 35 years. Sue plans to continue to recruit universities to travel with HIM to grow this mission trip into a program that will make a real difference for both the villagers and dogs alike. Sue has made a home with her husband in Crown Point for the past 27 years. They have 3 adult children, 1 living in California, 1 living in New York and one finishing the last year of college. Sue has been volunteering in the rescue world for years and knows the value of a resource like Stoney Run Canine Camp for the community. She has worked tirelessly for the past 2 years to make this dream a reality. Gaining access to the property next week is exciting and exhilarating for all three women and they are all ready to do whatever it takes to make this a success and place for your dog to call it their home away from home.

Sue and Kim met when they were both in the rescue world and quickly became friends due to their mutual desire to help animals. Inevitably, Sue spotted a puppy in a rescue that she wanted to foster. He was being bullied by his litter mates, especially his quicker growing sister. He was at an age to be away from his litter mates so Sue took him home to foster and get him ready for a home. She saw the signs that he would need a bit more socialization to get ready for his forever family. Maybe some time with her English Bulldogs would be just what he needed! Needless to say her family fell in love with Dudley and adopted him. It was evident at an early age that he would require more than just obedience classes to not only satisfy his energy level but to fulfill his drive and natural instincts as a working breed dog.

Being in rescue for more than 10 years Kim had mostly dealt with the dogs that didn’t quite fit in to their new homes during that critical transition time of entering a new home with a new family. As a puppy or adult dog, structure and a plan on how to integrate the new addition and create an environment for them to thrive was always best and less stressful on the entire family. So when her friend adopted a working breed puppy into an English Bulldog household, despite Sue’s experience of having dogs her whole life, Kim urged her to get into training and create a plan for this rapidly growing puppy! They enrolled Dudley into puppy class with Lisa Bataska Dog Training. Then some private lessons, group obedience classes and he began going to Day School with Lisa 2 times a week. Dudley was thriving and his family was happy. They discovered the world of dog sports which Lisa offered and quickly they realized a way for other families to spend time with their dogs. They could work through the issues of integrating a new family member and have fun while doing it. Kim and Sue could not wait to tell the rest of their rescue friends about all that Lisa offered at her facility.

As the 3 women worked with Dudley they discovered they shared a common dream. They all wanted to create a place that would be a resource for families integrating new dogs to their home, be it puppies or adult dogs. They wanted to create a place that would offer more ways and better yet, fun ways for families to spend time with their dog beyond obedience classes. They wanted to create a place that had structured play time outside in the grass in small groups of well socialized dogs. They wanted to create a place filled with environmental enrichment for dogs to become comfortable with different surfaces, confident with new people and dogs, making a walk in the park or trip to the vet less frightening to the dogs and their owners. They wanted to create a place that dogs would not look back as their owners dropped them off while at work or heading out of town on vacation. They realized that by combining their resources, skills and experience they could create this place. In honor of the dog that brought them together, they created Dudley’s Place. Come make Dudley’s Place, your dog’s place!

Stoney Run Canine Park

Stoney Run Camp Department Hours

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