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Anything Your Dog Could Need

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Puppy's First

Puppy’s First Cut is encouraged to set the correct tone especially for those who will require regular grooming for the rest of it’s life. Puppies from 8 -16 weeks first cut will introduce them to bathing, the equipment, and handling with trimming the face, feet, and sanitary area.

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Bath and Conditioner

We double cleanse your pet’s fur and skin using appropriate pet shampoo, then apply a conditioning product to promote a healthier, shinier, and more manageable coat. We dry them using the best method the dog allows.

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Ear Wash & Plucking

A careful cleansing of the outer ear with a pet-approved ear cleanser and a soft cloth or cotton ball. To remove excess hair a gentle pluck may be necessary.
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Nail Trim

Trimming a dog’s nails with specialized clippers maintains paw health, prevents discomfort or pain, and reduces the risk of issues like snagging, splitting, or overgrowth.
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Shave Hair Between Pads

Trimming the hair between a dog’s paw pads prevents matting, debris buildup, and ice/snow accumulation, promoting paw health, traction, and hygiene.
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Complete Brush Out & Undercoat Removal

Brush outs remove loose hairs and reduce shedding, promoting a healthier coat and cleaner living environment for dogs. Shedding treatments are also available for those who need a little extra help.

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Cut / Style

Haircuts customized to enhance appearance, maintain coat health, and meet the owners desired look.


*$60 base price for all grooms, final price will be set by scissoring, mat management, ability handling while on table, and length between appointments.


Full Service
Base Price*


M-F 8:00AM-3:00PM
SAT-SUN 8:00AM-1:00PM

By appointment only 219.996.DOGS(3647)