The Trainers at Stoney Run Canine Camp

Our team of trainers have a wide breadth and years of experience in obedience and dog sport training.

Carrie Kelly

Carrie got involved in dog training after adopting a very “independent minded and difficult to train” dog, Lacey, from the shelter. Traditional, correction-based training methods just shut Lacey down, so Carrie set out to learn another way to train with positive reinforcement and clicker training. Lacey learned to love the “training game” and went on to earn numerous titles in agility and flyball. After attending many dog training seminars in both the US and Canada, Carrie began teaching Obedience and Agility classes for the Calumet Humane Society in Munster, IN and at Paw Power Blues Dog Club in Lowell, IN.

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Since then, she has trained dogs for their owners in various Day Training programs, gaining experience in working with a great variety of dog breeds and mixes. Most rewarding to Carrie is teaching others how to prevent behavior problems from occurring in the first place but also how to solve those problems on their own if they occur. Most important in Carrie’s dog training philosophy is making training fun for both the dog and owner. If it’s not fun, who wants to do it? And you won’t get results from training if you don’t practice. Short fun training sessions that will fit into anyone’s schedule are encouraged and taught. Carrie also loves to light up the “training bug” in others, teaching fun Tricks and Agility training.


Carrie continues to educate herself as both a dog trainer and handler by regularly attending workshops and seminars. She graduated with distinction from the internationally recognized Karen Pryor Academy, earning her Professional Training Partner certification, KPA-CTP. Carrie has competed in Agility, Flyball, Rally and Rally-Free with her dogs and has earned multiple titles, including Championship titles. She and her husband, Jim, share their lives with an Aussie, two German Shepherds and two rescue Border Collie mixes. In her spare time, Carrie fits in training and competition with her own dogs and provides a foster home for dogs in need for Come Bye Border Collie Rescue.


Sharon joined our team in 2019 and we will list all of her titles as she is a competitor, judge and trainer in multiple disciplines. We are excited about her easy going, fun and light hearted attitude about life. Clients in her classes are able to make a real connection with her. She is engaged and wants to help. She is making a difference in the behaviors of the Day School dogs and the owners are thrilled with their dog’s progress. Sharon Jonas grew up on a farm and started training and competing with horses and dogs at a young age.  As an adult she belongs to several dog clubs and competes in many dog sports. 


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She engages in continuing education by in person and on-line classes and seminars. Denise Fenzi, Susan Garett, Karen Prior and Suzanne Clothier are her favorites.  She has attended Clicker Expo and belongs to APDT.  She loves to learn new techniques and so do her dogs.

Judging Positions

  • AKC :    Scent Work, Farm Dog, CGC,  trick dog,  ATT Evaluator
  • UKC:   Nose Work, Drag Racing, Shed Hunt, Spot Evaluator, Dock Jumping
  • CWAGS Obedience and Scent
  • WCRL Rally
  • Barn hunt
  • Ultimate Air Dog
  • CPE Scent Sport

Titles:  Sharon has 4 dogs with upper level titles in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Scent Work, NACSW,  Barnhunt, Drag Racing, Dock Diving, Fast Cat, Updog,  Parkour and trick dog.  She also dabbles in conformation, tracking and weight pull.

Dawn Barrientos-CPDT KA

In 2010 after saying goodbye to her Soul Dog, Zack, the family brought home a puppy we named Thunder.  Thunder was afraid of nearly everything.  He was literally afraid of his own shadow, new people, new dogs and new places.  By the time he was 9 months old it became apparent Dawn was out of her depth, in-spite of having dogs her whole life, she had no idea how to help him.  What started as fearful behavior, trembling hiding behind her, became barking and growling to keep potential threats away, and after being kicked out of puppy class because he could not think, learn or even take treats because he was so worked up, she began working with trainers one on one.


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Since she had just finished her MBA, and was still in research mode she naturally started reading and studying every article, book, and seminar she could find on his issues.  She had many aha moments in her research and training, information that she could not believe she did not know even though she had always had dogs in her life.  It lit a fire under her to find a way to share all the information she had learned.   She enrolled in a dog training course that would help her put all of the information she had acquired to use.  In 2012 she completed the course and started helping people with reactive dogs through private lessons and started teaching obedience classes.   Along the way she has continued to learn, through mentoring with several more experienced trainers, attending seminars led by highly respected trainers and behaviorists, as well as continuing to research and read up on all things related to dog behavior.   She loves sharing the knowledge she has gained almost as much as love seeing it being applied in training.  If you’ve taken any of her classes you will have seen this first hand, as she will explain, explain and explain some more.   

Dawn is a proud veteran (USAF), as is her husband of 26 years, and they have 2 children currently serving.  One of her goals here is start a service dog program for PTSD.   She is a mom to 6 kids (2 are unofficially adopted, they take in strays, human and canine alike) and 3 fur babies.  They reside in Chicago, where her husband is a Sergeant for CPD.

Kristina Montgomery

Kristina is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) through CCPDT, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a C.L.A.S.S evaluator, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University. She has been training dogs for over a decade, from basic obedience to working through more serious behaviors, such as resource guarding and anxiety. She started her career under the guidance of an animal behaviorist, working to train and rehabilitate shelter dogs.


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Since then, Kristina has continued to do behavior consulting for multiple organizations, both within the community and nationally, including Animal Rescue Corps, South Suburban Humane Society, and Hobart Humane Society, as well as previously having worked full time as director of training and behavior at Humane Indiana.

Kristina believes that training your dog should not only be easy but it should be fun! She works to establish a common language between owner and dog while helping each person develop a strong relationship with their dog based on mutual respect and understanding. Communication is the foundation for all of Kristina’s training programs. She understands that each dog is an individual and works to tailor training principles to fit for each individual owner/dog. She continues to further her education through ongoing seminars and conference opportunities; favorite CEU opportunities include Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, Denise Fenzi, Hannah Brannigan, Julie Daniels, and Susan Garrett.


Kristina competes in a variety of dog sports in both AKC and UKC, including agility, obedience, conformation, and nosework. She lives on a small farm in Northwest Indiana with her husband, Russ, and her daughter, Claire. They share their lives with five or more dogs, a handful of cats, and a few horses.

Megan Hundt-CPDT KA

Megan-HundtMegan got involved with dog training at the age of 8 with the 4-H dog project and immediately fell in love with the sport. She was a 10-year member of their dog training program. While showing dogs in 4-H, she started showing in junior handling with the AKC. She was known as the little girl with the big dogs. She has shown a variety of large breeds in the conformation ring. She championed out her own dogs and worked as an apprentice to a professional handler for a summer. The last dog that she had in the conformation ring ended up not liking the show ring, so Megan set out to find something different for her dog to enjoy. They ended up loving the competition obedience scene and showed with the AKC. She titled her dog in the open obedience class. Megan credits much of her handling experience to the people who mentored her along the way. In 2018 Megan started coming to Stoney Run Canine Camp to train her golden retriever puppy Johnny Cash for his future career as a therapy dog.


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They worked with several trainers at SRCC and eventually passed their CGC and TDI. Johnny passed his TDI at the age of one and Megan wanted more to teach her eager dog. They began working toward their Dock Diving title and Rally Obedience title in the summer of 2020. They received their Junior Dock Diving title in September, and finished the AKC virtual Rally novice courses to gain their novice title. In 2020 Megan started formally working with the trainers at SRCC to become a Trainer. Under the tutelage of several senior level trainers, Megan started to work with the Day School dogs teaching good manners and basic obedience. She then assisted and observed classes to further her education. In 2020/21 Megan started running her own classes at SRCC and is working towards taking the Examination for Professional Dog Trainer Certification.

Gina Sparks – CGC Evaluator

Gina is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Barn Hunt Instructor, Day School Trainer, multiple venue competitor, on the Board of Directors for Power Paws for Kids of Northwest Indiana and the Treasurer of Paw Power Blues Dog Club in Lowell, IN. Gina has earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting (2016), a Bachelor of Science in Finance (2016) and a Master of Business Administration degree (2020) from Purdue University Northwest. She is a fellow business owner! Having started her partnership in 2019, called The Bark Boutique, she provides slip-over-the-collar bandanas to dogs of all sizes with over 150 pattern options. We think it’s safe to say that she really loves anything to do with dogs!

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When Gina was quite young, she grew up with a steadfast Alaskan malamute (Zoey) that only listened to her dad. Years after Zoey’s passing, the family decided to bring into the home a German shepherd puppy (Ginger) and this was Gina’s chance – a chance to really get to train her own dog! Ginger was Gina’s first foundation dog, first competition dog, and first heart dog. Gina became a member of the dog club her dad belonged to with Ginger so many years ago and threw herself into the world of dog sports – Obedience, Rally, Trick Dog, Agility, FastCAT, and especially Barn Hunt. Gina loves instructing new handlers in Barn Hunt and seeing the light-bulb moment happen within their dog’s minds. She enjoys trouble shooting problems and running course designs for experienced teams that are at the competitive level. Gina not only loves the dogs but also the rats! Having been a rat breeder for many years, she learned a thing or two about these little creatures. She bred for lazy and friendly temperaments, specific-colored coats and ear shape, as well as physical standards following that of the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. Gina and her rats had been acquired by local clubs for her services of Chief Rat Wrangler often until she retired breeding rats to commit fully to instructing handlers and their dogs.

Gina acquired her AKC accreditation to teach/test CGC and AKC Star Puppy class. Gina has been working at SRCC in Day School, teaching Barn Hunt and you can see her in the front office as well. Gina has goals of continuing her canine education, providing guidance to 4H kids and learning about a variety of other popular sports such as Farm Dog, Shed Hunt and Dock Diving. At SRCC, you will find Gina instructing Barn Hunt classes, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy classes, CGC Classes and more!

Angie Ogle

Angie has been with SRCC since early 2020. She has brought the love of dog sports with her. She and Sharon Jonas along with Kristy Hubbard are the driving force for all the sporting classes, seminars, trials and “Try-It’s” on the SRCC property. As shown in her resume below, she is breeder, judge, trainer and volunteers her time on committees centered around dog sports.

Angie has been the Event Organizer for Miniature American Shepherd Nationals for multiple years. She is President of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Michiana Scent Work Club

She is working towards Search and Rescue/Cadaver dog certifications through FEMA/Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security. She is an AKC Judge for Scent Work and Farm Dog

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  • Hall of Fame Breeder Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America (MASCA)
  • 3 Hall of Fame Sires MASCA
  • AKC Breeder of Merit
  • Certified presenter for Judges Education Miniature American Shepherd Club of USA (MASCUSA)
  • AKC MASCUSA Breed Standard Committee – assisted in recognition of breed for both AKC & UKC
  • Web Site Creator
  • International Litters


  • AKC Scent Work
  • AKC Farm Dog
  • AKC CGC & Trick Dog
  • UKC Nosework
  • UKC Elite Shed Dog
  • Cynosport Rally
  • CWAGS Nosework, Rally and Obedience


  • Chair for Multiple National Specialties – including conformation, rally, barnhunt, disc dog, dock diving, FASTCAT, obedience, agility.  Seminars:  health, conformation, grooming, etc.  Banquet, versatility and special club awards.
  • President (Founder)of AKC Michiana Scent Work Club (MSWC)
  • President (Founder) of UKC United Miniature American Shepherd Club of Indiana (UMASC IN)
  • Multiple offices held in breed clubs
  • Writer of Performance Programs for breed clubs.  Prior to recognition, drafted rules for Versatility awards, National Versatility programs and Hall of Fame.  Also rules for MASCA Dock Diving, Acrobatics (created program mixing dog dancing and tricks inspired by disc dog freestyle), Disc Dog program.
  • Instrumental in creating interest in dog sports to our breed.  Chaired 1st time events at Nationals:  Barnhunt, Dock Diving, Disc Dog, FASTCAT.  2018 – Scent Work


  • Instructed Dog Parkour, Rally, Conformation, Scent Work, Antler Shed, Duck Herding and Dock Diving

Special Accomplishments

  • National “Ultimate Miniature American Shepherd” and placements in Most Versatile MAS 2015 & 2016 – Versatility Programs
  • Breeder of 3 World Champion Disc Dogs – Freestyle to music, and long distance.  Bazooka can catch a disc over 100 yards.
  • Breeder of Entertainment Dogs – Tony Hoard (America’s Got Talent Top 10 Finalist)
  • Breeder of working cadaver and search and rescue dogs
  • MASCUSA Nationals High in Trial Herding
  • Multiple National Best of Breed winners
  • Dozens of breed champions/multiple dog sports
  • My personal mission is to encourage dog owners to deepen their relationships with their dogs through training and spending time having fun at dog sports.
  • Multiple 1st place awards at Eukanuba Performance Games – 1st AKC Scent Work Trials

Jodi Zandstra-CPDT KA

Jodi grew up around dogs, but it wasn’t until she discovered the Havanese breed that she became interested in training and showing dogs. Jodi was encouraged to participate in agility and took many classes under several trainers to learn about the sport. She loved it and began showing in UKC and AKC agility. Jodi earned her MACH in AKC with her dog Adidas in 2017. Adidas was ranked by AKC as the #11 Havanese in agility in the country that year. Jodi also competes with her dog Skechers in AKC agility and Fast CAT. Jodi and Skechers have earned many titles and received High In Trial in the National Havanese Agility Show in 2018.

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Jodi loves sharing her passion about dogs and dog sports, so in early 2021 she started working with the trainers at SRCC and has since started running her own classes . Under the tutelage of several senior level trainers, Jodi started to work with the Day School dogs teaching good manners and basic obedience and agility. Jodi continues add classes to her roster. Her skills as a 3rd grade teacher are really paying off and you will find her teaching agility to both new Jr Handlers and new adults to the sport.  Jodi also teaches our Kids In Charge class, as well as our Terrible Teens class. If that was not enough, Jodi is also heading up the SRCC teams involved in AKC Agility League. 

Kristy Hubbard- CGC Evaluator

Kristy has always had dogs in her life and was first introduced to training in junior high while in 4H with her Australian Shepherd. After getting married and welcoming a couple of rescue dogs into her family, she then found the Miniature American Shepherd breed and welcomed puppy Haven into their lives. Haven offered the opportunity to be introduced to Positive Reinforcement Training which grew into a new hobby. Becoming a member of the United Miniature American Shepherd Club and friends with her breeder and many trainers, she gained a love of training and trialing. Over the years, Kristy has gained invaluable knowledge as she has added 2 more Minis, Izzie (Haven’s daughter) and most recently Jovi. For the past 8+ years Kristy has worked with her own dogs, attended classes, seminars and workshops increasing her dog handling skills. All three of her dogs have won numerous awards and titles to include Jovi who is still under a year old. Watching her partnership with each of these three dogs since we have been at Stoney Run Canine Camp for the past three years has been awe inspiring.

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Kristy and her dogs compete in many AKC/UKC and other venues earning many titles over the years. They compete in scent work in which Kristy and Haven have earned the highest distinction which is the SW Detective Title and Dock Diving in which Haven has earned her NADD Master Title. Kristy competes in other sports such as Nosework, Conformation, Agility, Rally Obedience, NACSW, Fast Cat, Up Dog, Barnhunt, Trick Dog, Lure Coursing, CGCA, CGCU, ATT and Fitness. Kristy truly knows what it means to “have fun with your dog.”

Kristy worked in the office when we first arrived at the property. She fielded calls and was excellent at placing clients into the right classes and figuring out what services would best serve them. Seeing her connection with the clients and natural ability to pass on her knowledge in a clear and concise manner, the owners and trainers of Stoney Run Canine Camp have been encouraging Kristy to follow our trainers with the hopes of getting her to run her own classes. Kristy has been a sponge when JD McKinght has come to SRCC for seminars for Dock Diving. At long last we convinced her to start teaching her own classes with great success. Over the summer of 2021 she encouraged and guided new-to-trialing families through their first Dock Diving trials. She loves watching other teams succeed and be a part of their journey. She also had a ton of fun with the rest of the families here at the property. In addition to Dock Diving, she has begun to teach Nosework classes and this fall will be teaching AKC Star Puppy classes as she has become a CGC Evaluator.

Kristy lives in Valparaiso with her husband Scott who is also involved in dog sports with their pups. They have 2 sons. Logan is married to Ruby and Luke is a student at Purdue University. Both boys are dog lovers just like their parents.

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