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Day School


Day-School-STONEY-RUN-CANINE-CAMPDuring Day School, your camper will be worked and supervised by trainers and canine camp counselors skilled in reading dog behaviors in an environment created to allow for learning opportunities to translate into real world skills. By working the campers in obedience, agility, nosework and small dog appropriate playgroups we will be establishing, supporting, reinforcing and strengthening good behaviors in your dog building the confidence to have positive experiences in their everyday life. Visits to the vet or groomer, time with family and friends, visits to pet stores and other high stimulus situations will become very easy for your camper.

Enrichment Camp – Dogs will be worked in the sports in which they are already at an Advanced Beginner /Intermediate level, walks on property and visits to the barn. (Must have a referral from Dawn to enter program)


M-W-F 9:00AM-4:00PM

Drop off 7:00-8:30am/Pick up 4:30-6:00 pm


Day School $55/day

3 for $138 saving $27      ($46/day)

6 for $264 saving $66      ($44/day)

12 for $495 saving $165 ($41/day)

                               Enrichment Camp $45/day

                           3 for $114 saving $21 ($38/day)

                           6 for $216 saving $54      ($36/day)

                          12 for $405 saving $135 ($34/day)

Packages must be used within 60 days from payment.
Reservation needed. Payment required when dropping off or package can be purchased. 24 hour cancellation notice neecded or $25 will be charged to your account.  No show will be full $50 charge to account. No Refunds

Day Care


Day-Care---STONEY-RUN-CANINE-CAMPYour camper will have controlled interaction with other dogs by skilled handlers, trained in reading behaviors, able to instill and reinforce positive interactions with other campers. They will be practicing down time in addition to small age, size and temperament appropriate play group time.


$35/ day 
*Your dog may be evaluated to determine with they are Day Care (play group) material but will have a full day regardless.
Prepay for  (5 days) for $150 or (10 days) for $280.

Packages must be used within 60 days from payment.
Reservation needed. Payment required when dropping off or package can be purchased. No Refunds


M-F 9:00AM-4:00PM

Drop off 7:00-8:30am/Pick up 4:30-6:00 pm

Sat by appointment only between hours of 9:00AM & 1:00PM

Sun Closed


Construction is done! The entire lodging area has been upgraded to create a private, yet homelike atmosphere.  Your camper will be sleeping in either a 4′ x 7′ Suite or an 8′ x 7′ Luxury Suite.  All of the suites have new floors, doors, walls and lighting. We also upgraded the HVAC system.  We can provide beds or you can bring one from home. Limited eye line exposure to other campers will cut down on stress levels. We have suites to accommodate any size dog and we will be able to keep “siblings” together if desired.  All suites have their own personal outdoor patio.  The patio leads to an enclosed play yard.

We will make sure all medications are taken and we will provide updates. While they are camping with us, they will be able to enjoy the indoor and outdoor activity areas and grassy play yards.  They will get to play with both two and four legged canine campers unless they prefer one on one time with one of our camp counselors. We have 20 acres for them to explore! An owner lives on site making sure your canine camper has everything needed to enjoy their time with us. All Vaccines must be updated TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO RESERVATION START DATE. NO EXCEPTIONS! Deposit money will not be refunded if vaccines are done within 2 weeks of reservation.


Pick up/Drop off:

9:30AM-11:00AM or 4:00PM-6:00PM

Pick up:

If your camper is not picked up by 11:00AM there will be a charge equlvalent to half day boarding fee.

SUNDAY pick up by appointment only

between 9:30AM-11:00AM ONLY. 

There will be a charge equivalent to a half day boarding fee.


            4′ x 7′ Suite – $48/nt/canine camper- $35 for each                     additional canine camper in same suite.

             8′ x 7′ Luxury Suite – $78/nt/canine camper- $48 for               each additional canine camper in same suite up to              4 dogs.

          *  Pick up or drop off outside of normal hours may                    result in $25 fee.

           * if we need to take your dog to the vet during it’s                    stay a $75 fee may be applied.

* 50% deposit needed to hold your reservation.

           * 3% service fee will be applied for all refunds issued vis credit cards.  



               $10 per dog per  each day they stay with us.  

Check with office for the holiday dates each year. 

 REFUND POLICY: Full deposit refunds if cancelled  up to 3 days prior to reservation. (2 weeks required for Holidays). 

                            Call for holiday dates which apply.

                            3% service fee will be applied for all                                             refunds issued via credit cards. 


Board & Train


STONEY-RUN-CANINE-trainingOne of the popular programs we offer is Board & Train. Your dog will stay with us for a period of time to start training, to work through issues, or to put some finishing touches on work you have started. Board & Train at SRCC will not only address basic obedience, but will allow exposure to all of our sports classes, 20 acres for daily walks, barns and farm animals to explore, kids, kittens and playgroups. We will also focus on impulse control in crowds of other people and dogs. While in a Board & Train program with SRCC, your dog will be worked by Day School trainers every day. SRCC Trainers will also be coming in at night for continuous training. Additionally, they will be able to attend a variety of appropriate classes which are held 7 days a week. Four 1-hour Private Lessons with a trainer at the facility will be required at the conclusion of the Board & Train period.

* We offer specials on Board & Train packages during January and February. Follow up training will be discounted if Board & Train is completed in either Jan or Feb. (4 private lessons will be free and group classes will be discounted. Call office for details 219.996.3647 *

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks to establish behaviors. If you are looking to secure behaviors, you should consider a month of training. Like most relationships and habits, dog behaviors take time and practice. The cost for the 2-week program is $1890, 3 weeks is $2834, 4 weeks is $4050.

Interested? Please call us for availability. 219-996-DOGS (3647)

Private lessons at the facility only are $125/ hour. 

Evaluations at the facility are $50/30 min. If the evaluation leads to a class or Day School within 2 weeks after the evaluation then the $50 will be applied towards that service.  

Boarding Hours

Drop off and pick up:

Monday- Saturday: 9:30AM-11:00AM or 4:00PM-6:00PM

Sunday pick up only between 9:30 & 11am  with an appointment only (1/2 boarding fee)
Otherwise by appointment. If not picked up by noon of next day after reservation, an additional day will be charged.

A $25 charge can be added for pickup or drop off times outside of designated times. 

3% service fee will be applied for all refunds issued via credit cards. 


                  $1,890 for 14-day program, 3 weeks is $2,834                       4 weeks is $4,050.
              Reservation & 50% deposit needed.

         Balance due at time of pick up.

4 privates after the Board & Train is $100 and must be done within 30 days after the B&T reservation



Basic & Beyond - Group Classes

6asic Obedience – 6 week class. Cost $165.

Basic Obedience is not only a necessary part of being a responsible dog owner, it also can keep you and your pet safe in an emergency.  We will work on skills such as coming when called, stay, leave it, loose leash walking and more.  Training aids in building a better relationship with your dog by providing him with structure and expectations.  It also gives him a mental workout, needed as much as physical exercise.  In addition to these skills, we will also work on useful tricks and learn how to recognize appropriate dog to dog interaction – very helpful for those that go to the dog park!  This class is open to dogs ages 6 months and older.


AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) –  6 week class. Cost $185.

Responsible Owners, Well-mannered dogs. The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. In CGC, dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test can earn a certificate and/or the official AKC CGC title. Dogs with the CGC Title have the suffix, “CGC” after their names.  For more information, visit

AKC Community Canine (CGCA) – 7 week class. Cost $185.

AKC Community Canine is the advanced level of AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program.

As with CGC, AKC Community Canine has a 10-step test of skills that dogs must pass to earn the official AKC Community Canine title. This is a title that appears on the dog’s title record at AKC.

All skills on the test are tested on leash. The AKC Community Canine (CGCA) test may be done in a class, at shows, in pet stores or in the community. When the test is administered in community settings such as at a business or special event, evaluators must have the necessary approval of the business owners, etc.

AKC Tricks Class – 6 week class. Cost is $165

Tricks are a great way to engage your dog’s mind. Great to boost confidence and focus!  Learn how to teach tricks and get some under your belt to turn some heads, have fun in the process and work towards Trick Titles through AKC! This 6 week class is designed to prepare you to test at the end of session.


Terrible Teens –  6 week class. Cost is $165.

Teenagers across species are challenging. Learn how to tame your wild child with this class. Relationship building exercises and creating value in yourself as it relates to your dog’s viewpoint are very important ways to get compliance. This class is appropriate for dogs 5 months to 3 years with Basic Obedience Skills.

Puppy Classes

Beginner Puppy  – Cost is $165 for 6 weeks – No puppies first class which is a mandatory orientation. 

Socializing your puppy is a very important aspect of your pup’s first few months with you.  This class focuses on changing environments, handling, people interactions, surfaces, everyday grooming, sounds, and more. Puppies 8 to 10 weeks old at start of class are encouraged to join.  Class size is limited.

AKC Star Puppy – Cost is $175 for 7 weeks – No puppies first class which is a mandatory orientation.

Get your puppy off to a great start by enrolling in this class and earning your AKC STAR Puppy Certificate.  We will cover basic commands such as sit, down, leave it, walking on a leash and much more.  For more information on how this program works, visit For pups ages 2 months up to 6 months.
You must attend  6 classes with the puppy to be eligible to take the test at the end.

Intermediate Puppy – Cost is $165 for 6 weeks (AKC Star Puppy class required prior to this class)

Intermediate Puppy class is for those who are working to get their pup to respond quickly to cues both on and off leash.  This progressive class emphasizes focus with distractions. It will help to prepare your puppy for sport classes also.  We work at the level of each pup/handler team.  Learn how to get the behavior you desire by allowing your pup to make good choices both on and off leash!!!  One of the favorite classes of all instructors here! Designed for puppies under 1 year!

Specialty Classes - Group Classes

Reactive Dog – 7 week class. Cost is $225

Feel like Fido is a fish on a line when seeing dogs, people, etc?  Skills are especially critical for these dogs. In this class, we will concentrate on helping your dog develop focus and impulse control to handle real world distractions with use of duration, distance and intensity of stimulus. Dogs of all ages welcome.

Shy/Fearful Dog – 7 week class.  Cost is $225

This class is designed to help build confidence in dogs that worry about environment, people, dogs, and more. Your dog will learn important skills that can help him learn how to cope with stressful situations. Dogs of all ages welcome.

Therapy Dog -6 weeks, Cost $195

Some dogs were born to help others, be a calming influence, and provide a listening ear to those in need.  If you are interested in pursuing this class, we will discuss the requirements and characteristics needed to fulfill this role, and train the skills necessary to pursue this avenue.  For more information on therapy dogs visit  The TDI test will be performed at the last class certified TDI Evaluator.

Sports Classes

World of Dog Sports – 6 week Class $165 or 4 Week Class $125

Ever wonder about which sports you and your dog would excel at? Check out this seven week course. Learn how to fulfill your dogs needs. Introducing sports to your dogs word will cut down on anxiety, hyeractivity and other desctructive behaviors at home. Each week we will cover a different canine sport – Agility, Rally/Obedience, Nosework, Barnhunt, Parkour and Dock Diving.

Agility – Beginning – 6 Week Class $165 or 4 week class $125
Agility is a fun and fast game of chase where the dog chases you! This beginner class will help you build foundation skills and help your dog safely and accurately execute equipment.  Whether you are interested in playing safely or competing, this is a must for handlers and dogs.

Agility – Intermediate – 6 Week Class $165 or 4 Week Class $125
This class is designed for those teams who are competing or looking to compete. We will analyze courses and test your agility foundation skills. Teams eligible for this class should be able to weave and have basic agility skills.

Agility – Advanced – Drop In Class. Cost 5 sessions for $100- Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

We will be running full courses and discussing handling options.  This class is for dogs that are ready to compete or actively competing. Courses vary each week.

Barnhunt – Beginning – 4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

*Eligible for Prepaid Class Package
Learn all about how to start your dog off right in the exciting sport of Barnhunt.  This class focuses on helping your dog truly understand their job, provide a solid obvious alert, and proofing games.  Barnhunt LLC rules and regulations will be discussed and trained accordingly.  This sport is recognized by AKC and UKC venues.  For information visit

Barnhunt – Intermediate – 4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

*Eligible for Prepaid Class Package
This class is offered for teams that have been introduced to the tubes and understand what they are targeting.  More challenging situations are presented where dogs and handlers skills are tested.  Obstacle courses will be set up for training situations.

Barnhunt – Advanced – 4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

*Eligible for Prepaid Class Package
This class is offered for teams that currently competing or getting ready to compete. A more complex search and multiple tubes will be used in preparation towards this goal.
This is a 4 week class (depends on month). Cost $90.

Canine Fitness – 6 Classes for $165 or  4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

*Eligible for Prepaid Class Package
From dogs that compete in sports such as Agility, Flyball and Barn hunt to dogs that jog with you or play ball on the weekend, developing canine fitness can greatly reduce the likelihood of injuries. A canine fitness program can help them keep and recover their balance more efficiently and can reduce recovery time should an injury occur.
This class is not intended for a dog undergoing active rehabilitation for an injury. Rehab should be supervised by a Certified Veterinary Professional.

Competition Obedience – 6 Classes for $165 or  4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

*Eligible for Prepaid Class Package
Tips & Tricks, actionable help on heeling, stays, down on recall, etc. Get ready to trial! Great for both experienced handlers/trainers as well as those starting out.

Nosework – Beginning – 6 Classes for $165 or  4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

Another great scenting sport!  Learn how to play with your dog in something they do every day!  You will learn how to recognize when your dog finds a target odor in a variety of environments. All venues will be discussed and worked. Whether your goal is to compete, build confidence or just play, this is a great sport for any dog and owner!

Nosework – Intermediate – 6 Classes for $165 or  4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25

This class is for dogs introduced to scent and working all elements.  We will work on problem solving any issues that may crop up in the training environment as well as prepare you for more challenging hides.

Nosework-Advanced – Drop In Class. Cost 5 sessions for $100 – Prepaid only. Otherwise $25 

*Eligible for Prepaid Class Package
This class is designed for teams that are working towards trialing and honing their skills.  All elements worked and various skills covered to help your dog become a proficient searcher.  Requirements:  Dog must understand odor and have been actively working all elements.

Rally Obedience -6 Classes for $165 or  4 Classes For $125 or Drop In – 5 sessions for $100-Prepaid only. Otherwise Drop In is $25 

*Eligible for Prepaid Class Package
This is a progressive class, from beginner to advanced.  Obedience can continue to be worked on by you and your dog but moving through a course. We will work you up to a 19 sign course. We will work on various signs per venue and establish the behaviors necessary to make you look like a star in the Rally ring!

Up Coming Schedules

All class start dates and prices are subject to change. You must pay for the class at time of enrollment to hold a spot. Refunds can be issues up to 7 days prior to class start dates. We are in the process of updating the website to reflect changes. Check with the office as we will offer new classes if possible when we fill classes and have available trainers.  219.996.DOGS(3647)

*Class start dates  are subject to changed, please call office for start dates**

Do More with Your Dog

Fitness Class

Physical fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Improving your dog’s fitness and health can increase their lifespan and limit vet visits as they get older. It reduces their risk of sports-related injury, joint problems, and arthritis. Dogs who are conditioned and healthy tend to live happier and more playful lives. Learn innovative ways to work with props such as hoops, balls, inflatables, and ladders as your dog improves in five components of
fitness: flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, and strength.


Farm Dog Class  – will resume in spring

Your dog responds well to commands at home and in public, but how would he respond in a farm environment? There’s an easy way to find out: Sign him up for a Farm Dog Certified test or just have some fun with your dog in class.

Open to all breeds of dogs, this test involves your dog performing a series of 12 exercises that are typical for a farm environment such as being in close proximity to livestock (who are always penned to avoid any altercations); jumping and staying on hay/straw bales; walking on unusual terrain; and jumping over logs. There is no herding involved. Instead, the goal is to assess his aptitude as a working farm dog by exhibiting self-control, confidence and trust with you or his handler.





Refunds will be given for remaining classes of injured or sick dogs with a note from your veterinarian.


Any missed classes for 7 or 4 week classes must be made up in a similar class within 30 days of class completion. Please check with instructor for availability for specific dates.


RESCUE CANINE CAMPERS – 20% discount on 7 week classes to include AKC STAR Puppy, , AKC Canine Good Citizen, Basic Obedience, Fearful Canine Camper. This offer valid with proof of adoption within 6 months. Must bring in adoption contract to office at time of payment for discount. If you purchase online, discount will be in the form of store credit for future classes only.


Purchase 5 classes for $100, we keep track. Individual Drop In classes are $25.  Contact the office and let us know when you are interested in attending.  If you do not call ahead,  you will only be allowed to attend if the class is not full.

Prepaid classes must be used within 2 months of purchase.  No refunds.  

3% service fee will be applied for all refunds issued via credit cards. 




Grooming-STONEY-RUN-CANINE-CAMPFull service groom base price is $55 and will go up depending on breed size, coat and cut desired.

  • Bath and Conditioner
  • Warm blow dry by had
  • Ear Wash/Plucking
  • Nail Trim
  • Shave hair between pads
  • Complete brush out and undercoat removal (furminator)
  • Breed Standard Cut/Style


M-F 7:00AM- 3:00PM

Sat 7:30AM- 1:00 PM


$50-55 base price depending on size and cut.
Reservation needed

Other Services


Private Lessons

$125/hour at facility

Reservation needed & $25 deposit needed. Balance due upon arrival.

Call for Details!

Facility, Agility Ring & Pool Rental Availibility

Call for Pricing & Specials!


Stoney Run Camp Department Hours

Day School
M-W-F 9:00AM-4:00PM
Drop off  7:00-9AM pick up 4:00-6PM

M-F 7:00AM-6:00PM
Sat 7:30AM- 5:00PM (Every  Saturday)
Sunday hours coming soon 

M-F 10:00AM-8:30PM
Sat 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sun 9:00AM-4:00PM

Drop off and pick up:
Monday - Saturday: 9:30-11AM or 4-6PM
Sunday pick up only between 9:30AM & 11AM with an appointment only and there will be 1/2 day boarding fee charged per dog. 
If not picked up by noon of next day after reservation, an additional 1/2 day fee will be charged.  A $50 fee can be charged for pick up or drop off outside of designated times.  Call office for details 

M-F 9:00AM-4:00PM
Drop off 7:30-9AM/Pick up 4:30-6:00PM
Saturday by appointment only between hours of 9:00AM & 1:00PM
Sunday Closed        

3% service charge will be applied for all refunds

issued via credit card 

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Office Hours
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