Stoney Run Canine Camp Dock Diving: #havefunwithyourdog


Dock diving is a fast-growing dog sport. The most common event, distance, is pretty simple: You toss a toy into the water, and your dog leaps off a raised platform into the water to retrieve it, swimming back with the toy. All dogs are welcome to try. At SRCC we offer Dock Diving classes and seminars. You can rent the pool to practice for a trial or if you have taken an Intermediate Dock Diving Class with us, you can enjoy the pool with a small group of friends. Call the office for all prices and dates for classes and seminars or to rent the pool. SRCC is an IDS approved pool and will be holding IDS & UKC events this year. Call the office for more information and for registration details.

We have a 45’ regulation competition size pool and dock and are an IDS affiliate.  The network of unaffiliated dock diving facility owners (IDS) will host its very first International Dock Diving Championship September 17th + 18th, 2022!

IDS Facilities from all across the world will bring in their top competitors who earned invitations throughout the season to compete for the prestigious award of being named the TOP DOGS in the world 

The best part is you won’t have to travel across the country to participate. Each dog who earns an invitation to compete simply finds their closest participating IDS facility and competes on the same day and same time as their peers from all across the globe. Similar to a “virtual” event except you will be surrounded by your local community and friends at your favorite hometown dock!

Invite criteria, participating docks, all the info you will need to know will all be coming out soon but for now, SAVE THE DATE and plan to be one of the lucky pups to participate in this inaugural event weekend! 

2022 will mark the 3rd annual JD McKnight Seminar at SRCC. In a 3-hour seminar with 8 dogs JD will work with you and your dog to fine tune your bumper toss and lead your dogs to jump further distances. JD and his Nationally ranked “Storie” As you can see by Storie’s bio below, JD and Ronalee McKnight have been extremely successful in the sport of dog dock diving.  Call the office for details on how to sign up for this year’s seminar or to reserve a private lesson with JD!


Class & Seminar dates & fees

JD McKnight 2022 Dates

June 25th 9am-Noon 8 working spots available Privates will be Friday the 24th and Sat the 25th.

August 13th 9am-Noon 8 workings pots available Privates will be Friday the 12th and Sat the 14th.


Seminar $135 working spot $45 Audit Spot

Privates with JD $150/hour


Classes” Drop In” package not available for the pool

Beginning Dock Diving 4/$145

Intermediate Dock Diving 4/$135

Privates with Kristy $75/30 min


Rent the pool

$35/30 min/dog & $10 per additional dog/30 min up to 4 dogs

$90/three 30 min session for one dog & & $10 per additional dog/30 min up to 4 dogs

Class descriptions

Beginning Dock Diving classes are dogs off the ramp with owners in the water.  Even if your dog is jumping off docks into lakes & pools but has not jumped off a dock diving pool dock you must start with a beginning dock diving class. After you have completed a Dock Diving class your dog can jump during Day School.

Beginning Dock Diving we will get your dog jumping into water from the ramp, get them interested in bumper, have them swim back to the ramp and exit pool on their own.

Intermediate Dock Diving will involve ground exercises for bumper toss, bumper toss into water, dogs start point on sock, dog tracking the bumper to gain distance.

Stoney Run Canine Park

Stoney Run Camp Department Hours

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Sunday hours coming soon 

M-F 10:00AM-8:30PM
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Sun 9:00AM-4:00PM

Drop off and pick up:
Monday - Saturday: 9:30-11AM or 4-6PM
Sunday pick up only between 9:30AM & 11AM with an appointment only and there will be 1/2 day boarding fee charged per dog. 
If not picked up by noon of next day after reservation, an additional 1/2 day fee will be charged.  A $50 fee can be charged for pick up or drop off outside of designated times.  Call office for details 

M-F 9:00AM-4:00PM
Drop off 7:30-9AM/Pick up 4:30-6:00PM
Saturday by appointment only between hours of 9:00AM & 1:00PM
Sunday Closed        

3% service charge will be applied for all refunds

issued via credit card 

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